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letsrant's Journal

Get your rant on, baby.
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Like to rant? Like sharing your opinions and views? Like debating and fighting over controversial issues in our society? So join. Here it is, the community dedicated to arguing on current issues and opinions. We know you have them, debate them here. No application necessary.

If you are offended easily, don't join

There are just a few things you should keep in mind.
1. You can say whatever you want, but DO NOT take the debates/arguments/fights (whatever you want to call it) into a member's journal. We all want to read your ramblings.
2. State the topic you wish to debate on in a post, state your side as well, and let the comments roll.
3. Advice can be asked/given but please try not to be totally swayable on your opinions. A weak arguer is pretty boring.
4. If there are any problems with any members, contact the Maintainer.
5. Anything can be talked about. I mean anything.
6. Post pictures, lyrics, articles, whatever. Just do something!
7. Have fun with it.

--NO PROMOTING-- It'll be deleted, I promise.

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