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I posted this in my own LJ which nobody ever reads. I find the best part of ranting is getting some sort of reply. Since nobody reads my LJ nobody comments. I hope you don't mind that I copy/pasted from it. Artificial insemination, surrogate mothering, etc... Is the world not populated enough? If people are having difficulty concieving, or carrying to full term, naturally, then why do scientists and doctors feel the need to play God? Money? What about all these children in orphan-edges, foster homes, who want parents, who want a home, a family? These kids never asked to be born, nor did they ever want to live as a yo-yo or "ward of the state" or whatever the un-american term is. We have too many unwanted and uncared for children in the world that need a good home...these people want children. So what if it doesn't have your blood rushing through it's veins, that doesn't mean s/he'll love you any less. An even more sad fact is that the people who do adopt, tend to adopt only babies "so that they'll only ever know me as their parent" While I commend you for not being above adopting, the older children are more likely to be better behaved and appreciative of what you have to offer than that baby ever will, because the older child will know and remember just how shitty their life was before being adopted. Those kids are more likely to bend over backwards just to please you, because they're afraid of rejection. That's damn sad. Despite the over-flow of parentless children, there's all this fuss about abortion and how cruel it is. Uh...hello...why bring yet another unwanted child into the world? The little embryo has no choice. It had no choice about being concieved. It can't force it's mother to want it. If the mother doesn't want the child and decides to keep it, she'll only resent it or abandon it eventually. Not everybody has parents who are willing-or able-to raise their grandchildren. Not all aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters want to raise their niece or nephew. As I stated in the above paragraph, adoption of any sort doesn't seem to be so appealing so the chances of a pregnant woman finding somebody willing to adopt their unborn child are already slim. Not all women who end up pregnant were careless. Not all contraceptives are 100%...not even having your tubes tied is 100%. My mom got pregnant while she had an IUD and was on the pill. People who have been informed they're infertile end up concieving (if you've been told by proffessionals that you're infertile, and you're in your late 30's, you aren't exactly going to be so concerned about getting pregnant.) And let's not forget about that four letter word called rape. These are all realistic scenarios that happen every day...multiple times a day all over the world. Every female looking at abortion has her own story. Some are easier to sympathize with than others. What if one of those girls looking at abortion was a 12 year old who'd just started menstrauting last year, was molested by her father/step-father/uncle/other trusted male figure in her life and would other-wise be a virgin...and now she was pregnant. Would you honestly make her carry that child? The fact that she was molested alone is tramautic enough, and now she's pregnant. This poor little girl has the world on her shoulders. She hasn't even finished developing, child-bearing is still a major risk for her. She's terrified to even tell her mom what happened. She has no idea what to do, and abortion seems to be the only answer. She did not ask for this. Who are YOU to decide that she HAS to stay pregnant, and possibly die? Yes, abortion can be a very tramautic experiance as well...but so can the circumstances that lead to a girl having to make that decision. Yes, a lot of women who get abortions were just careless and see it as an easy way out. One woman I know had about 6 abortions in her mid-teens-mid-twenties and finally her doctor stepped in and said "This is ridiculous, no more. Perhaps once you have to deal with the consequences, you'll be more careful." Her son is now about 24 or 25 and had disowned her by the time she was 20. Women who are so careless about it aren't exactly fit to be parents, and perhaps abortion is the best option for them as well. Other women end up needing them because having a child is a major health risk. I've already said it before, and I'll say it again: We do *not* need more parentless children being born into this world simply because people who don't know the full story of every woman going in to get an abortion decide that these women are murderers and crueler than cruel. What do you think is more cruel? A child growing up by the "system" who feels completely unloved and just another statistic, who is more than likely getting abused, neglected, sexually molested and God only knows what else...or a barely formed embryo who will never know what it's like to feel lower than low? Which fate would you rather be handed? Because let me tell you, I'm sure a lot of children of the state would tell you they often wish they'd never been born, and that they quite frequently think about suicide and have probably already attempted it a couple times. Seriously, if you're one of those who are against abortion, go talk to a few kids who have been raised by the system, hear their stories, their feelings, ask them if they ever wish they'd never been born, if they've ever hurt themselves or tried to kill themselves. You may just change your mind about how wrong abortion is. True, abortion is another way of playing God...although I think it's along the same lines of snapping the neck of an animal or person who is already dying and doesn't stand a chance. It seems cruel, it's a difficult decision, but in the end it's more helpful than just letting them stay in agony. The options of these "make me pregnant" miracles should really be limited and advised against, while adoption or foster parenting should be pushed more.
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